Nutrition Tips


"Thanks to Becky Hellerstein I was able to realize my 2011 New Year’s resolution before the New Year!  Over the course of two stressful years with a new job, I gained weight and had to replace most of my wardrobe.  I thought I understood my eating habits, but I realized with Becky’s help that I not only didn’t understand the effects of my eating choices, but that I was sabotaging my good choices with a number of bad ones.  By modifying some of my habits, like switching to low fat cheese, cutting back on wine, and moderating breads and grains, I was able to drop pounds at an astonishing rate.  I feel great.  I wish I hadn’t given away some of my wardrobe, but buying new clothes is a problem I can live with."


"Thanks for the advice Becky.  The ride was a great success for me.  I followed your plan and felt great both days. I haven't experienced too much soreness at all, and feel great today. Thanks again!!! Your advice really helped me have an enjoyable first STP!  BTW, I beat my goals both Sat and Sunday by 2 hours.  :)  It was by far my best performance on the bike to date. "


"Becky is fantastic – she was instrumental in my life-changing experience in the 20/20 program, where after being (like so many of us) a lifelong very overweight person lost 90 pounds, became fairly active and fit, and have kept the vast majority of it off for over a year and a half and counting.  I personally sought out continuing to work with Becky as she embarked on her new practice, and she’s fantastic – a unique combination of holistic knowledge, firm support, and savily helping you decide what commitments to make and to be accountable for them."


"My daughter is autistic and has POS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Consequently, her diet is limited to a few repetitive, unhealthy items and she is prone to weight gain. We all want our kids to be healthy and happy and I was particularly concerned about overemphasizing the weight issue with a teenage girl. Becky’s approach was perfect for my daughter. It was realistic, gradual, goal based and effective.  She involved my daughter in all of this so it was also fun and she looked forward to her regular visits. Most importantly, we got so much more than just nutritional guidance from Becky. We got compassion and that made all the difference."

"Our family had an incredible life changing experience working with Becky. Becky's guidance and support had a significant impact on our entire family's health and life style. She had been very supportive, caring and result driven dietitian with continuous encouragement, where we all achieved our goals and learned and adopted a new healthy balance life style. Becky is the best Dietitian of Northwest and I am glad we still enjoy her continuous guidance and support on a regular basis to ensure alignment with emerging new research, nutrition and methods. Thank you to Becky for helping our entire family to achieve and maintain an optimal healthy balance life experience."


"Becky is an outstanding dietitian. She was understanding and kind when you know you have eaten poorly, yet firm in her approach to helping you succeed which is why you hire her. If you are open about your challenges, she is very creative in thinking of ways to help you. You'll find with Becky's guidance that there are a wide variety of ways to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling empty. I lost 60 lbs and my overall body chemistry to a healthy level working with her. Need I say more?"


"I have struggled with weight issues and poor eating habits for most of my life and it has been my great fortunate to have met Becky Hellerstein who continues to teach me the value of proper nutrition and has even proven to me that vegetables really are edible. Also, I have recently entered into a particularly stressful period in my life and Becky has been invaluable in not only showing me ways to relax and calm my mind with the introduction of Yoga, but has also opened my mind to new areas and ideas that has led to my spiritual growth. She truly cares about her clients and I am very grateful to her for looking beyond just my nutritional requirements and for helping me as a whole."